Can you earn money with an online blog?

Online Money

That might have gone even 5-10 years ago. Nowadays every second child has a fashion / lifestyle / beauty blog and 99% of them are simply bad. Even adult bloggers, who are well-versed in the industry, do not have easy money making money.

In addition, they are perceived as “disturbing” in the industry, for example, when they walk around the Fashion Trade Shows, that the whole world belongs to them and they are the most important anyway.

Also, it is not enough to just put the blog into the web. You should also regularly publish new posts. The distances should fit the topic. So when I report on books, it is quite normal that you have read several books within a few days. In fashion, however, two to three new texts per week should appear. It is a lot of work and also a long way to really speak of a merit.

Everyone wants to make money I find it sad that some people are no longer concerned about blogging, but about making coal.

I do not mean it bad, but this is the same as with YouTube. So many people start something because they have just a little idea about it and hope they get, with their often inferior quality, a bunch of Internet fame and cash. Unfortunately 90% does not work, because you get something like this mostly only for running and also keeps running when it is, which fun is anyway and the hobby is in the foreground and not primarily the money.

Conclusion: Starting a blog to make money is nonsense. This is a long process until you make money with it and in the beginning it is pocket amounts in the double-digit range. If you like it, start a blog, but if it’s all about money, it’s a really bad idea before you really get started.

Hennes is a web designer, blogger and survivalist, living on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. When he isn’t busy with the creation of websites and blogs, they love discussions with his friends, enjoying good food, reading novels, listen to rock music and likes action movies.