CPU Combo


Although it rated at 53W, this CPU pulls only 15 to 30W in real use. Besides shaving bucks off your energy statements, its low power needs enables you to get away with a more economical (but top quality) power source for example Corsair Designer Series CX 430W. Selling for only $50+, the MSI H81M E34 motherboard delivers everything a spending budget user may ask and a cure for: Two DIMM slots supporting as high as 16 GB of DDR3 RPM.

Four Serial ATA ports for adding as high as 4 hard disk drive or optical drives (2 of four is SATA3 for greater support of solid state drives).

There can also be ample room for updates. There’s one PCI E x16 slot for installing a distinct video card plus 2 PCI E x1 slots for adding sound cards, network cards or connection cards. With Universal Serial Bus 3 getting widespread use and offering 3 times quicker transfer speeds, Universal Serial Bus 3 port is now essential (rather than nice bonus) for spending budget motherboards. We are pleased to see this board delivers six Universal Serial Bus 3 ports, 4 in the rear plus 2 more that you may link to the front of the pc case.

That is additionally to six Universal Serial Bus 2 ports (4 front + 2 back). Low power usage, decent efficiency and good equipment support makes this the very best motherboard CPU combo for the cash It’ll meet as well as exceed the needs on most light users. Intel Core i3% to 4150% has 2 actual cores with Hyper Threading. Which means each core is capable to carry out 2 directions in the similar time, permitting it to work as being a quad core CPU and improving its efficiency by as high as 30 percent (vs comparable central processing unit without Hyper Threading).

Whether it is searching the web, operating with workplace papers, enjoying media files, contracting files or copying data, this CPU addresses all of them with ease (as analyzed by Xbit Labs). It even packs enough running power to take on reasonable multitasking and light virtualization, although a Intel Core i5 may fare better still for all those challenging jobs. Inserted with the newest Intel HD 4400 Artwork, solid graphics efficiency is another basis for selecting this CPU. Besides watching ultra-sharp pictures and enjoying high res movies, its robust combined with other things artwork also enables you to fiddle with graphics editing and video coding.

Actually, you may even shove it to play most new game titles on low settings. Gigabyte GA B85M D3H rich set of capabilities and extension choices outclasses almost every other motherboards in the $80 cost range: 4 DIMM slots (for as high as 32 GB RAM), 4 Universal Serial Bus 3 interfaces (two front + 2 back), 8 Universal Serial Bus 2 ports (4 front + 4 back), six Serial ATA connections (for internal hard disk drive, solid state and optical drives), high speed LAN interface (for wired Net). A multiple mixture of VGA, DVI and High Definition Multimedia Interface ports provides you the liberty of starting up to any computer screen and TV you need (with the unusual exception of DisplayPort only screens).

In the event you would like to set up a distinct design card, then you will be pleased to know that this board hasn’t one. But 2 PCI E x16 slots that helps AMD CrossFireX for a double video card setup. Be it for home or workplace use, this robust and flexible motherboard CPU combo may be significantly more than sufficient for many people. Unless you are somebody with demanding needs (heavy gamer, artwork designer, video skilled, overclocked), this value for money combo is going to serve you nicely for the years to come.