Error when creating a business website


Can the most common errors when creating a company’s website and how you can avoid them.

If a company can create a website, it does so mostly hoping thus to succeed. But many are thereby self-defeating because they make mistakes that would not have been necessary. In most extreme cases, an entire company get into problems because the error can’t be corrected. By doing this you are not at the mercy of these errors, I created a list to you as an aid.

 It saves on the wrong end

This World Wide Web has in many boardrooms (outdated boardrooms) still quite a dubious reputation, which affects the corresponding budget. It often runs alongside, because you think you should do it, but you’re not really excited. Of course, this condition is justified neither optimal nor rational. The network provides unprecedented opportunities after all, if you know how to use since. But so many companies still believe to be able to save money here. We are satisfied with less than you could have achieved. Or one turns directly to the lowest bidder who may have no idea what he’s doing at all.

 Also very popular are relatives and acquaintances who can make determined because they are a little familiar with the matter. An account with Facebook to have this seemingly already sufficient in order to provide professional web design can. There may, of course, little surprise if the result is not as expected. The site looks awful and can be operated even worse, that can’t lead to the desired success at marketing course.

 My tip for you is so banal as basically means that it’s sad that I still have to do it again: instruct someone who is familiar with it and know what to do. Even professionals do not always have to be extremely expensive, but spending worth it in the end if you get a product that meets professional standards.

 It is not saved

It may not always be the most expensive offer. Not every price, which is required, is also justified, this is true of every industry. If someone demands a lot more than the competition, he will also have to offer a lot more. You should know so at least critically consider whether that is at all possible. Let you make multiple offers and then get a feel for which prices are also realistic. This is also true for search engine optimization. In this area cavort providers, who are not necessarily serious. As a simple rule of thumb here who admits concrete guarantees arouses suspicion. It comes to complex measures which also constantly subject to change, as you can promise no one to bring a side in a very precise position.

 The web design does not look good

The own taste plays a role, of course, web design, it’s also no one helped, if you have a page at the end, the only like you. Of these sites, there are also more than enough. The optics of course also needs to also fit for the purpose of the page. To find a lawyer or a doctor, you expect a different design than a pub. If you consider yourself dealing with the design, it is recommended, if possible obtain several opinions of different people as possible and forget here is not to weigh whether it can also be your target audience that you’re asking. What matters most, can’t be so bad. But please be careful about asking friends who do not belong to your target audience or from matter have little idea.

 Design and content do not match

Design differs from art in the first place by the fact that a certain functionality should be present. A website is typically used for a specific purpose, which should also be considered in the design. A site that wants to sell things, it should make possible easy to visitors to find something and to buy. It should be attention. What distracts them, is not helpful. Look at the page so from the perspective of a visitor. What helps him find your way around? What distracts him unnecessarily? The goal is not to create a page that you like, it is important that they served their purpose.

 The contents do not fit

Content is king, they say when it comes to online marketing like. That’s true, because nothing is worse for a side as the wrong content or too little of the right. Visitors looking for something when it comes to your site, and it remains only when he finds it. To get traffic, you needed content, but it is not just a matter of it should also be the right visitors. The search engines to look at your content and then decide whom to send to your site.

 But if you mention the wrong people, you will not achieve your goals. If you for example publish recipes, you’ll reach a lot of people who like to cook, but you will probably convince a few people to visit your restaurant. Certain people are looking for specific content, your task is to create content that appeal to the people you have on your site, please. The sad truth on the Internet is that people are very fast and very unforgiving. Find with you not know what you are looking for, they’re gone and come probably never again. Your job is to prevent that.

 It made technical errors

Frames do not go, you should not use them so. They had formerly a certain raison d’être, as they are still used to separate the content of the navigation. Those days are gone. The search engines also run into problems when frames are used, so it is not only an aesthetic problem.

 A home page is another element that hinders the search engines in their work. First, to turn a page that includes a greeting, is also rather dated. The search engines do not like to see, and the users get nothing but a replaceable text which means that they have to make another click to go to the actual site. The home has a very high priority, if there is nothing happening at Google, you give away a lot of potential. Especially on the home page should regularly new and quality content, and should be additionally linked to the sub-pages.

 Slow Web Server

A page that is loaded quickly, is both the visitors and the search engines in great demand. So you should go not only to the price when selecting a hosting company. Make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth available, or choose a suitable tariff. Today, the costs already no longer the world. You should never underestimate how impatient are people on the Internet. Can you wait, they are gone and not coming back.

 The wrong CMS can cause problems

If you engage someone to create a website, you probably are going on the assumption that he’ll choose the right tools. Especially when choosing the right CMS, some caution is here but commanded. The chances are good that someone else also has to deal with it. Then the question arises whether there is someone who is capable of doing. Rare techniques you will cause problems.

 But also common examples like Typo3 are not always appropriate. For programmers who are familiar with it are to have not come cheap. For a conventional site means the cost that you would be able to save as well as a simpler alternative would have been sufficient. If you engage someone, you should therefore clarify this question in advance. A quick search on the net should be sufficient to know whether a CMS is suitable for your purposes.

I hope to have shown you a decision support for your CMS.