Laptop or Desktop – Which is better?

PC vs Laptop

Laptop or PC? Who plays with the idea to add itself a new computer, will sooner or later face this decision and ask: What is better? Here we introduce to you the pros and cons of desktop PCs and laptops, and show you some clues that you facilitate the purchase decision.

Laptop or Desktop – What can the PC?

Those who want computing power in vast quantities, can’t get around a desktop PC. Even the best laptops do not come close to the performance of stationary PCs, desktop PCs also are much less expensive than laptops with comparable performance – for you are however bound to a desktop PC to a place. In addition to the unbeatable price-performance ratio you have desktop PCs following advantages:

  • Flexible Expandability: desktop PCs can also be retrospectively simply with additional components, for example, Expand a new graphics card, a better processor or a fast SSD. When the laptop is difficult and involves a lot of tinkering.
  • Lots of storage: Compared to laptops much larger hard drives in PCs usually installed – a not to be underestimated point, if you have to save before movies, games or music on the computer.
  • Comfortable working: On the big screen of a desktop PC can work better, especially if you have open at the same multiple windows. Also, you can connect multiple monitors to the PC. On the laptop which is theoretically possible – however, makes it the main advantage of the laptop, mobility, nothing.
  • Gaming: Who want to play the latest games in the best quality, needs a desktop PC. Meanwhile, although there are numerous gaming notebooks, in direct comparison with a desktop PC but they draw the short straw. In addition, many games unofficially support the graphics chips in laptops: if a game does not work, you have bad luck and you can’t hope for driver updates.


Laptop or Desktop – What can the laptop?

Laptops not offer the same performance as PCs, but they have a distinct advantage: With the laptop you are completely mobile and can access at any location on the device, whether ye is home, on the train or on the road in silk. Mobility is and will remain the main advantage of laptops, but the following points are worth noting:

  • Space saving: A stationary desktop PC consumes a lot of space, especially when combined with a large screen. The Laptop her works, however together easily and grabs him in the laptop bag, if you do not need him anymore. Especially in small homes it is not to be underestimated advantage.
  • Lower energy consumption: A high scaffolding ended PC brings although tired performance, but consumed for even a relatively high current. In laptops, however, much more energy-efficient components are installed.
  • Easier maintenance: laptop are usually equipped with significantly less peripheral devices and components as desktop PCs. Accordingly, easier maintenance, the fewer parts there are, the less needs to replaced, repaired or maintained.
  • Less clutter: A laptop offers the advantage that all major components (monitor, keyboard, speaker and computer) are combined in one housing. The annoying cable clutter with which desktop PC owners have to deal, therefore, eliminates the laptop.


Conclusion: Laptop or Desktop – There is no better or worse

As you can see, the question laptop or PC cannot be answered better or worse with a simple. Both laptops and PCs have their own advantages respectively. Before ye for a decision of the two you should think twice, for what you need the device so.


Desktop PCs are particularly suited for:

  • People who need a computer for a permanent job
  • People who need a lot of computing power (for example, for CAD applications or video editing)
  • People who want to use their computers for home cinema
  • Frequent Player


Laptops are particularly suitable for:

  • people who work a lot on the go
  • People who do not use performance-intensive applications
  • People who use the computer mainly for internet surfing (although there are also for Tablets)

Video game fans, who do not need the latest blockbuster and play mostly older games

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