Selection criteria for good WordPress Themes


A wonderful indicator of good themes are good themes. If a developer previously released good designs, so the chances are high that later works have best quality be. A reputable name is worth a lot.

You need a company website? Decide on a business theme. A Landing Page is their goal? You are wrong. Search in the premium segment by one-pagers. Because so far I have not found any free one-page template for WordPress, which would have kept my quality criteria prior. A blog should it be? Blog what kind? Best Theme does not serve its purpose if it does not match your strategies and goals.


The colors

Preset color schemes are changeable. You can then make some settings via the WordPress Customizer. Some free Premium Themes provide comfortable color options. However, all colors of each theme can be customized by the aid of a Childthemes via altered CSS values adjusted. If you are not familiar with CSS, you depend on the taste and the tolerance of the Theme Developers. Free yourself. Order arrange us a Child Theme in which we carry your color scheme on the theme you have chosen.



A good theme can be quickly recognized by its harmonious Layout. Scripture is the dominant medium in the network, the typography has to be perfect. If they do not, one has to assume that the theme developer had another agenda, prepare as good designs. Also at the technical level can be seen a lot about the writing: Is the Theme defined in pixels, it will never adapt to resolutions. Good Themes define fonts in percent and em or rem. Now apply to typography the same rules, as well as for colors: you can customize everything.


Responsive design

On the desktop, like a theme so look beautiful – but what happens when they call it on a smartphone or tablet? all elements flaps sense together? Does the menu bar properly? Try it in a browser and, at best, on mobile devices before they are publicly with your new website! What is the theme in Internet Explorer? If the distances in Safari? How renders a Sony Tablet the theme? And what does this tell us Fairphone when the page? If the representation is everywhere satisfactory, chances are good that this is true not only for the home but also for all the bases.

Theoretically, one could with problems and the mobile behavior of a free WordPress Themes adjusting and repairing – but here it goes mostly into large obstacles amount, so that the effort would be disproportionate and it is better to resort to an alternative theme.


WordPress Compatibility

WordPress goes through numerous upgrades during the year. Themes must be upward compatible. If they are not, it may happen that your site suddenly stop working properly, because the theme of the development of software lags. Avoid this problem by take a look at the update frequency of the theme and examine the evolution of the theme author. If there are any updates, it will probably soon no longer be usable. And if there were no more refreshing for two years or longer, the theme was probably abandoned by its creators.

Moreover, it is crucial for many applications that can interpret Themes plugins. You need a slider, a lightbox, an individual Gallery? What good the nicest Theme if plugins can not be integrated?


Loading speed

Download the Theme quickly? Use tools like Pingdom, to find out if stuck many scripts and obstructing elements in the theme. The charging time is not only important for search engines – especially your visitors will thank you when you are rewarded with fast rendering and reduced amounts of data for their visit.


Design Details

The use of a developer is in the details. If the spacing of the elements to each other? If all text box styled correctly? How it looks with Widgets and Tools? If they overlap elements, there sloppy mistakes? If the overall image harmoniously? The more care and attention is paid to the small but excellent visual characteristics of a theme, the greater the likelihood that this also applies to the code.