The best Operating System: Windows vs Linux

Windows versus Linux

Selecting the right operating system depends on personal preference, but also of the technical requirements.

Currently, there is an ample selection at the PC operating systems. You can choose between Windows 7, 8 and 10 and various Linux distributions. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. These are partly to be found in the technical field, such as the hardware compatibility and ease of use.

For many users is important as sympathetic, familiar and proven is an operating system. Who is happy with Windows 7, may be reluctant to Windows 8 or 10 switch. But at least, if there are no security updates for the system or a PC to be newly purchased, the question arises as to the matching system.


And operating system programs for all devices

Technically speaking, an operating system interfaces to the hardware ready and coordinated the launch of application programs and the allocation of processor time. The base is the operating system kernel ( “kernel”), the most vmlinuz is since Windows NT Ntoskrnl.exe and Linux systems.

Users understand under an operating system on the other hand the external appearance with desktop interface and system tools. However, this software is interchangeable in principle. Windows 10 – so the plans of Microsoft – is using the same kernel on all devices, i.e. desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs, smart phones, convertibles, wearables, embedded devices, the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Xbox One.

Depending on the application, the Windows interface may look different and even disappear, as the Raspberry Pi 2 or embedded devices for use in industrial plants or robots. For software developers is important that can launch programs on all platforms without major changes. This can then provide a comprehensive software offering, whereby the different devices for the potential buyers are much more interesting.

The lack of software is also one reason why the sales of Windows RT devices has been set. Windows RT ( “Windows Runtime”) is a special Windows 8 version for mobile devices with ARM processor. 2012, Microsoft introduced the first Surface tablet with this operating system before. Buyers attacked but rather Apples iPad or Android tablets. Because the expectations of a Windows computer are RT devices not just because can’t be here to start the standard Windows applications for the desktop. It only run apps from the Microsoft Store.

In Windows 10 Microsoft need not repeat this mistake. Meanwhile, there are Intel priced and still relatively powerful processors for small laptops and tablets. Then can be Windows as install on desktop PC or notebook, and all programs are running as usual. On notebooks at prices below 300 Euro 8.1 Bing is currently mostly Windows preinstalled. Hardware manufacturers are forced to pay not much and can keep the price down. Windows 8.1Bing is identical to Windows 8.1, is just that preset as the search engine Bing. This can be quickly changed as required, however.


Applications and tools for Windows and Linux

In the industrial base of operating systems for several years is observed rather a gentle evolution but not revolution. The differences between Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 are rather small. During installation, the boot manager and the hardware requirements only little has changed. Visually, the systems meet the spirit of the times: times like XP, rather bland in Windows 7 or on mobile devices based on Windows 8. The user wishes accordingly stands in Windows 10 again the desktop user in the foreground. In a direct comparison of the systems, there are many changes in detail. The Windows 8 Explorer about showing a ribbon, over which some functions can be achieved more quickly than its predecessors.

The vertically arranged elements ensure particularly in narrow screens more clarity than the previous drop-down menu. Where Windows has nothing to offer, fill programmer of freeware and shareware the gap. Microsoft sees itself obviously closely, increasingly demand what features users. From Windows 8 is, for example, the ability to burn ISO files on the tab “Manage” on CD / DVD and mount as a volume. Under Windows 7 you need to use a tool like VirtualCloneDrive.

Overall, Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 more software sets in as Windows 7. For most programs, however, is Modern UI apps like Mail, Calendar, Messages, OneNote and weather.

However, was in- stalled in the operating system software is playing an increasingly smaller role. Many users now use the browser for e-mail, music, videos, or Office programs. Who cloud services not fundamentally skeptical faces, so that is also independent of the operating system. Google Drive or Gmail, for example, work in the browser on Linux as well as Windows.

Linux users are immediately after installation but immediately office applications, image processing and e-mail program. What is missing, can be quickly installed on the central package management. The software packages are provided by the Linux distributor and should be free from harmful software. The update function takes account of all software packages and not just the system. A Linux system can therefore maintain very comfortable to date. However, the software selection is limited. For those who rely on Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office or software for tax declaration, finds Linux hardly anything comparable.

Conclusion: With the equipment there are some differences, but they are not equally important for each user. Many things can be also compensated with additional software.

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