What is and how does JavaScript?

How does JavaScript – JavaScript is a programming language that is included as an additional technique in web pages. The JavaScript programs, also called scripts are interpreted in the Web browser. That is, they are translated and executed in native code. Since how does JavaScript’s are run on the computer of the web surfer, one speaks of a client-side programming to distinguish it from programs that run on the Web server, such as PHP or Perl scripts.

How does JavaScript have access to the browser window and is displayed HTML document. Their most important task is to respond to user input in the document (for example, when the user clicks on an item or is a text in a form field). JavaScript’s can then make changes to the HTML document currently displayed. These changes apply only within the browser, and more specifically in the computer’s memory instead, while the document remains untouched on the Web server.

The changes can affect both the content and the presentation of the document. In this way, a document interactively and “dynamically” designed. This means it can respond to user input and change without a new document from the web server to be accessed. For example, additional information can be displayed when the user clicks the mouse on a particular HTML element.

The reading and changing access to the document regulates the so-called Document Object Model (DOM) – more on that later. The overwhelming part of the JavaScript programming consists of the use of the DOM. Because of this central importance is also spoken of “DOM Scripting”. An older, now obsolete term is “Dynamic HTML”, abbreviated DHTML. This should give you just clarify that JavaScript primarily revolves around to play with the HTML document in the context of which a script is executed.

Meaning of JavaScript for the Web

How JavaScript does is an indispensable part of today’s Web and addition HTML and CSS plays an enormously important role. Almost every website uses smaller or larger JavaScript’s.

Many common functions on the Web can be simplified with how does JavaScript and more user-friendly and new functions can be added. This does not mean that your website JavaScript must be used to be fully and successfully. Much JavaScript will not necessarily help much. A roofed JavaScript application ensures, for example, that a website is well usable and accessible without JavaScript.

The JavaScript language has been around for over ten years and the platform has been continuously further developed. Lange JavaScript was the “pariah” among the weaving techniques and its raison d’etre has been questioned. Only in recent years have seen a renaissance of JavaScript and the JavaScript usage exploded under the slogan Ajax. Moreover, theories that explain the rational use JavaScript-originated.

JavaScript as full programming

For many Web authors JavaScript is the first programming language that they get done. HTML and CSS are even artificial computer languages, but no programming – it can thus be no write programs that instruction by instruction to be processed.

What at first sounds like a subtle distinction, a distinction is crunch time: With HTML can be only distinguished texts and build documents. With CSS, these documents are formatted and mockup. In CSS called declarations are written responsive HTML elements and assign formatting.

A programming language, however works fundamentally different and requires a peculiar way of thinking and approach to problems. The basics of programming cannot be described at this point, but they are an essential prerequisite for dealing with JavaScript.

Peculiarities and pitfalls of JavaScript

JavaScript is a building site: It started very small and was not designed to meet the requirements of today’s mission. Therefore, the core JavaScript and many of the useful JavaScript techniques full strengths and weaknesses stuck – some of it is particularly insightful and easy another particularly confused and makes you hard work.

Nowadays large web applications are based on extensive and highly complex JavaScript’s. JavaScript gets characterized in the interest of specialists and software developers who wish to explore the language, experiment with it and test limits. Recommended programming techniques have been thus brought only gradually come to light – and it is an ongoing process that you should follow, and you can participate.

How JavaScript does is unique among programming languages have a special place. If you already know other programming languages, you will surely recognize similarities and can reuse your knowledge. But sooner or later you will come across peculiarities of JavaScript, you will not find in any other web programming language spread. Once you write complex scripts, you should do with these peculiarities and the resulting programming techniques acquaintance, because you will learn to appreciate them.