What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computering

Cloud computing is now widespread. More and more people are using the cloud – consciously or even non-conscious. What exactly is it actually going on with the cloud. We reveal the details and also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages but the biggest risks.

What is a cloud?

According to the definition of cloud computing, the cloud is thus a PC system, which is provided by the network structure. It is crucial that the resources required can be switched individually. If you need, for example, 2 terabytes of storage, only these 2 terabytes are available. Need a short 5 terabytes, just 5 terabytes be provided. Analog is the case with computation time of the CPU, memory or other features that can be offered via a network connection.

Meaning of cloud computing

The primary purpose behind a cloud computing infrastructure lies in the efficient use of resources, thus saving costs for businesses. These do not have to even entertain a huge infrastructure, but can on the basis of a network connection when needed hinzuschalten resources from a data center.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing structure offers some attractive advantages, which are interesting both for individuals and businesses.

Lower costs for IT 

Particularly companies can benefit from the low cost of cloud computing benefit compared to the maintenance of their own IT infrastructure. Particularly in large fluctuations of the requirements can be of tremendous benefit cloud computing.

Software on Demand

Straight software licenses can be very costly. These relate to the cloud as needed – either an individual or company – can save you tons of money.

Availability of data at each location

When data is kept only in the enterprise server, this can sometimes not be accessed from anywhere. A cloud is usually via appropriate credentials from anywhere in the world accessible and usable in particular. An Internet connection is required.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Despite all the benefits the cloud has of course some disadvantages that can not be ignored.

IT infrastructure outside the home

While an IT department in the house can intervene quickly in case of problems in the use of cloud no active intervention is possible. The cloud provider should be consulted in case of difficulties, which sometimes takes valuable time.

Permanent Internet access

If Internet access is not available, then you use is the cloud nothing. You need to permanently active, and above all fast enough internet connection to the services of the cloud can effectively use.

No standardization

The lack of standardization in the cloud computing sector leads firstly to a large dependence on the store where it was first. In addition, a move to another provider is very difficult because it is not being considered. At times, the IT infrastructure be paralyzed for several hours if a move is performed.

Risks of cloud computing

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing some risks need to be assessed

Security and privacy of the system

Especially with the access control often result in substantial safety risks, as can be accessed with a login to access multiple data sets. Moreover, in addition to the company’s employees can gain access theoretically also the cloud provider. The more important is a strict regimentation and logging, who can point at which data access.

Encryption of the system

Many cloud providers remain silent when it comes to what you use encryption for the data. Make sure you get the encryption system quite explicitly named and described.

Location of the data

You need to check exactly where your data is stored. If these are namely on a server in the US, you are subject to local legislation. With all possible force there pros and cons. Just personal data are stored abroad, can cause problems if they are stolen.

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