Which CMS is the right choice?

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This question we can pick up the most companies with a clear conscience: The answer to this question is “WordPress”, the most widely used content management system (CMS), the company used all over the world.

WordPress for companies

Choosing the right content management system for your own company website should undoubtedly be carefully considered. The same applies to the demands on my website, which is a CMS should be self-evident justice. For most businesses, this provides the free open source system WordPress is the best choice. As WordPress Agency for several years, we have the system already for small and medium-sized businesses with great success.

Why WordPress for business?

The perfect CMS for companies should have a simple operation, to be flexible and scalable, ready to keep all common functions and provide a solid foundation for search engines – and that is exactly what WordPress, but not only that.

WordPress offers over static websites countless benefits:

With easy to use interface content can be created without programming skills in no time, to be entered and managed. For this purpose, WordPress offers a user management to provide employees access to certain areas and functions or to restrict certain employees accordingly.

Not only traditional content pages can be managed by WordPress quickly and easily. Also other types of content, such as references or landing pages are created in a few minutes.

Also for developers keeps WordPress ready countless benefits. Among other things, offer websites on WordPress based scalability if you should decide afterwards for other functions.

WordPress compared

A big advantage of WordPress compared to other content management system is that, thanks to open source license the system from Automatic is completely free of charge. Also, a considerable advantage is the easy usability of WordPress. Extensive and expensive training courses are not required, already an introduction is sufficient in most cases.

Due to the fact that WordPress with over 65 percent market share is the most widely used CMS, do not bind with the choice to use WordPress for your business, to a single provider. Not should also be mentioned also that WordPress is expressed due to the high prevalence and the large developer community is future – maybe even the most future-proof CMS ever.

Google loves WordPress

WordPress is ideal for SEO. From the factory provides the CMS countless features and a certain basis of page optimization in order to achieve a solid ranking on the major search engines can. Even if the course is not always sufficient and it often requires a holistic SEO strategy, WordPress done some preliminary work here.

WordPress for your business?

In our eyes, WordPress is an excellent solution especially for companies. If you want to learn more about WordPress and / or our services as WordPress agency, do not hesitate to contact us.